Understanding Death and Dying

Understanding Death and Dying

We suggest that you start your journey into understanding death by making a list of questions you may have that need answers. Start to talk to your friends or your family.  You may be able to find information and answers on relevant websites, or local and national business’s and organisations.

Although it may seem unfamiliar or challenging, we encourage people to go to visit or contact their local palliative care or hospice facility, your local funeral director, cemetery or crematoria.

Remember they are there to give you a service, and it is much easier to make those inquiries whilst you are well, before you have a diagnosis or are responding to a sudden death.

Visit them as you would a travel agent or destination, ask them what services they have to offer and don’t be afraid to ask the costs.  These are important, after you have done it once it gets easier.

Here are some resources to help you start or continue your exploration.





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