Annual Day of the Dead Ceremony

Holistic Death – 15th Annual Day of the Dead Ceremony & Event

Crystal Castle, Mullumbimby, NSW

Sunday November 7, 2021  
See below for timing details. 3.30pm-6.30pm

The Byron Day of the Dead is held in the beautiful grounds of the Crystal Castle in Monet Drive, Mullumbimby, NSW.. We hope this will still be an in person event.

So many people in Australia and globally have been unable to attend the ceremonies of their families and friends, and we know that the community Day of the Dead ceremony can be a great comfort and assistance to those people. A good ceremony can save 12 months of counselling!

Since 2007 we have held a Day of the Dead, a holistic death event. Originally held in a Mullumbimby public park, on the bend of a river. It is not aligned to any other cultural or religious ceremonies, and is always on the second Sunday of November. Free from tradition it is for people to acknowledge their dead loved ones fully, to allow them to be with their living loved ones fully at Christmas.

People are invited to come and make beautiful mementos and messages to their dead loved ones, with assistance from Sam Moss, our community artist. Then we sit in lush grass to share the ceremony, complimented by music from Mullumbimby’s Biggest Little Town Choir. To close the ceremony, people are invited to the mic to say the names of their people or animals, followed by an optional quiet procession in to the Forest of Friends to leave everything so it can return to the elements from where it came.

Natural Death Care Centre - Day of the Dead Mullumbimby

A free community event for anyone and everyone who has lost someone or some body they love, it combines community art, personal memento making, message writing, a gentle holistic death Ceremony of Remembrance.

The gates open for free entry from 3.30pm. Time from 4.00-5.00pm memento making, to sit or walk in the beautiful gardens, to experience and reflect on our love and loss. To write in the Community Book of Love and Remembrance.

The Ceremony of Remembrance begins at 5.00pm to honour all those we love who have died. whether recently or long ago, all are welcome here. A great way to introduce children to death and loss.

The Crystal Castle shop and Lotus Cafe will are open till 5.00pm. All over by 6.30pm.

There are also other Day of the Dead events in other States.

Melbourne Community Day of the Dead event page to share


Zen & the Art of Dying Documentary

Zen & the Art of Dying is a documentary made by Brody fox and Lee Biolis from Los Angeles, US. It features Zenith and her work, and the community of Byron Bay, NSW engaged in their lives and deaths.

Globally it is available on DVD and many streaming sites, and information about these channels, along with the typical protocol for institutional screening or licensing is all accessible here.

In Australia it is available from Google to purchase here.

Death Cafe

Death Cafe’s are a global movement where people gather together and discuss all matters death and dying in an atmosphere of whatever the attendees bring to the evening. They can happen in any community and are free events.
Contact: KYLIE 0423614685

Deathworkers Group

Our Deathworkers Group is for people who work with the dying, the dead and the bereaved.  Please contact us if you want to participate.