These are a selection of video presentations which share a little of our work.

 Zen and the Art of Dying.

Runtime: 4 min Published: March 2015

Zen & the Art of Dying Preview from Broderick Fox on Vimeo.

My Life as a Deathwalker

Runtime: 2.5min Published: May 2018 (UPLIFT)

Mystics & Masters: Zenith Virago

Runtime: 60min Published: September 2017

Creating Ceremonies for Home Vigils, Funerals and Memorials

Runtime: 60min Published: September 2017

Growth Through Death

Runtime: 3min Published: March 2014

Zenith Virago- Growth through Death from Wild Women on Vimeo.

The Art of Dying Well – Zenith Virago – Danielle Brooks

Runtime: 44min Published: July 2017

Optimism: What can you learn about life from an undertaker?

Runtime: 60min Published: May 2011

Filmed at The Ideas Festival In Brisbane.

Thinking Pharma Interview With Zenith Virago (10min)

Runtime: 10min Published: September 2009