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Zenith Virago now offers Online Trainings as well as limited In-person Trainings. Please see below.

We also offer resources., everything is grounded in respect, kindness, experience and integrity. We offer inspiration and comfort, and a refuge to explore a more contemporary holistic approach to dying, death, bereavement and ceremony..

As you wake up your own inherent capacity to explore and embrace life, death and loss, we trust we will assist you to consider your options, and help you to make more informed decisions and choices.

As a registered NSW Charity, our inspirational dream is that every individual, community and service provider has the knowledge and capacity to do death well.


We offer a selection of In-person & Online Trainings, Resources, Videos and Podcasts.

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with Zenith Virago

Limited schedule for 2024

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with Zenith Virago

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10 Comprehensive Modules of intimate & informative learning


with Zenith Virago

Online Courses

10 Intensive Modules of structured content


with Zenith Virago

Online Course

9 Online Modules to deepen your practice as a Celebrant

Disrupting Death. A Guide to Dying Well. TEDx, Byron Bay.

In this provocative talk, Deathwalker Zenith Virago challenges and encourages to explore our relationship with death, to understand our rights and take back control of the process of dying from the profit-driven death industry.

She has assisted hundreds of people to radically rethink their death journey and loss, to create more meaningful and beneficial experiences, and open to discovery and creativity within the great mystery.

As Ram Dass said, “We are all just walking each other home”.

Really Useful Death and Dying Information for Everyone

This detailed information booklet may help to demystify some beliefs or misconceptions around dying, death and funerals. It is intended to inform and empower individuals and communities, by providing caring, practical information to help make better decisions and more considered choices in relation to end of life matters.

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