May our webpage be inspiring and comforting. May it sing to a place in you that wakes up your own inherent capacity to explore and embrace life, death and loss.

In these challenging and uncertain times, any concerns or fears of death or dying will be very present. The more we can sit with the certainty and the uncertainty, and hold them in a kind and neutral way, the more present we will be to deal with what is our actual reality on a day to day level. Life is precious and at the moment we are being confronted by a virus that can kill, we support the sensible precautions being advised by the medical authorities.

Simultaneously we also encourage you to feel deeper into this wake up time, and use it as an opportunity to make sure your documents and affairs are in order, you share what is important to you, indulge time and love with those you care for. Explore death and dying in theory and in your internal world, in case it come to someone you love, it’s a practice.

“Our inspirational dream is that every individual, community and service provider has the knowledge and capacity to do death well.”

We are an Incorporated Association and a registered Charity located in the Byron Shire, Northern NSW, Australia.  We believe in living well, dying well and experiencing loss well, whatever that may mean for you. If you are looking for a better way to do death and to have a good funeral, read on.

Everyone has the right to be fully informed, make their own choices, cry and celebrate in a style that is meaningful and appropriate. To look back without regret.  We are informing, educating and assisting people to have a more empowered experience which generally leads to a healthier bereavement.  Death is something we must all face. By empowering people they are able to take control and responsibility of their dying, their deaths and their funerals.

By knowing your options and exercising your legal rights you can participate as fully as you choose.  We believe that everyone can and should take responsibility for their own life and death decisions.  By being informed, prepared and active you can make it easier for those you leave behind.  Become part of a growing movement of people working both locally and globally to create a gentle, satisfying and accepting approach to death, dying and disposal of the human body.

We are assisting people to demystify, reclaim, care and celebrate, making a difference through all stages of end of life.  All over the world, people are remembering their rites and rights, waking up and taking dying, death and ceremony back into its rightful place, back into our own hands.

Our core commitments are:

  • An acceptance that death is the natural and sacred end of life.
  • The acknowledgement that indigenous peoples have always known that death is the natural and sacred end of life.
  • Respect for the diversity of spiritual, religious, cultural and scientific beliefs.
  • To embody a holistic, sustainable, compassionate and kind approach.
  • To take action for positive social change around the experience of sudden and expected death.
  • To demystify dying, palliative care, death, funerals, body disposal, loss, grief and bereavement.
  • To support people to be well informed and to participate in appropriate and meaningful end of life and after death care.

Inside everyone is the courage and capacity needed to be easier with death and dying, we just have to wake it up, remember, become more familiar, and practice it everyday.  My work is a holistic hybrid of old and new ways, accompanying those who are dying and their carers, walking with the suddenly bereaved, creating ceremonies that encourage people to really honour their loved ones.

Zenith Virago, Deathwalker.