Death and After Death Care Plan

natural death care plan
Welcome, and well done for being courageous enough to face your own mortality and create this gift of knowledge and insight for those that love you.

This document has been created and designed with kindness and care by Zenith Virago, of the Natural Death Care Centre, to help you consider many of the aspects involved in dying well and making it less painful for those left behind. We ask you do not alter the integrity or structure, use it for profit or copy it. This document is not legally binding.

We all know we are all going to die. Right now, you may be young or old, healthy, unwell or dying, or you may be caring for someone who is dying or will die. We all hope to live a long life, but some of us may not grow old or may die suddenly.

Considering what is involved and what our wishes are, conveying those to the people we care about, is a great act of empowerment for all concerned. For those left behind, being aware of what someone wants and following their wishes brings great comfort, avoids unnecessary confusion, assists people in their loss process and helps make for a more meaningful time, healthier bereavement and possibly a more fabulous funeral.

To assist you to convey your wishes, or to share your thoughts and feelings, and to accomplish the completion of this plan, set aside at least an hour, make yourself a drink, then get comfortable. The best way to proceed is to simply print it out, take a pencil to tick, strike through or make notes. Completing it in pencil first will help you get through it to the end, then go back and finalise it in pen, or complete it on your computer.

If you are thinking of getting someone else, like your partner or parents, to complete this plan, always complete it yourself first before you ask others to do it, so you understand what you are asking them to do.

We never know when death will come to us or those we love, and if it is sudden, this document will really help those left behind at a challenging time to organize things for you. You may want to share this with the people that matter to you before you die.

Every person should have one.

COST: $8.00 AUD – By Donation

We will email the plan shortly after you complete PayPal payment. There are two files in the email. 1. An editable PDF that you can complete on your computer and then share with your Loved Ones. 2. A printable PDF that you can print and fill out by hand.