Natural Burial FAQ

Natural Burial FAQ

There are many myths and misconceptions around natural burial and doing death well.

To open up your awareness, here are just a few things that in some states and territories are legally possible.

In Byron bay and way beyond, at end of life or in sudden death, we have created a natural burial deathstyle which offers good care, great funerals, and healthier bereavement for over 20 years.


  • the best thing you can do while you are alive and in good health is to complete an Advance Health Care Directive, an Advance Health Care Plans, an Enduring guardianship, an Enduring Power or attorney and make a valid Will.
  • the next best thing is to discuss these with family and friends, so they know what is acceptable and not acceptable to you.
  •  you can plan everything you want for your own natural burial and funeral.
  •  you can wash and dress the body yourselves.
  • you can keep or take the body home.
  •  you can build your own coffin.
  • you can transport the coffin and body in your own vehicle.
  • you can bury on private land.
  • it is possible to ‘Do It Yourself’, so someone can go from the bed to grave or the cremator, without the need for a funeral director.
  • you can bury in a cardboard coffin or a shroud.


  • you can not cremate on a bonfire of your own making on private land or at the beach.