01/08/2024 - 04/08/2024    
All Day


Private Venue
TBC, Olympia, Washington State

Event Type

This is a special combined 4 day hybrid of the Deathwalker Training and the Ceremony Masterclass.

If you are interested please email zenithvirago@gmail.com  to go on a contact list.  The launch page for this training will go live February 1st, 2024. Please check back then for those details.  Cost.  August 1-4  2024                    US $895

For bookings : https://www.deathwalkerolympia.com/

This is a 4 day non-residential intensive, informative and intimate workshop.  Exploring and explaining multiple aspects of death, dying, loss and ceremony, and so much more. The Training covers the spectrum of the journey and processes involved and amongst others things includes:

  • Pre-need information and advocacy
  • Transitioning from illness to dying
  • Care for the dying and after death body care
  • Expected and sudden death
  • Body disposal options
  • Ceremony structure and content
  • Crafting Ceremony for challenging deaths
  • Healthier bereavement and loss
  • A Ceremony for our dead families and friends.

Combining a hybrid of older and more contemporary ways of being present, real and beneficial at a challenging time. Available and appropriate for everyone – for your own personal journey, to accompany a family member or friend, to increase professional skills or if you feel you have a calling to some or all aspects of this work.

Classes usually comprise between 10 and 22 people. The small size of the groups allows an intimate alchemy to arise, which encourages personal exploration and growth to also occur within the collective experience.

This Training covers social, legal, practical, emotional and other aspects of the journey, and is deep profound work offered by Zenith Virago from 30 years of working and teaching in pre-need, end of life, after-death care and ceremony. Zenith brings a wealth of lived experience, and a hybrid of generosity, kindness and quality, as well as respect for everyones who brings their own inherent capacity, personal and professional experience to offer, this will enhance and grow you to a new, richer place to do this work personally or professionally.  As a bonus it will help you face your own death with more awareness and grace. Some people refer to this work as Doula work….. this is so much more.

Our definition of a Deathwalker is:-

  • a person who walks their own journey towards their death as openly, courageously and as best they can.
  • a person who walks with or accompanies others, in their death or bereavement journey to encourage and empower them to be as open, courageous and the best they can. Offering guidance to encourage and empower everyone.

* If the registrations do not reach the 10 person minimum one month out from the Workshop it will be cancelled and a full refund given.