2022 Christchurch, NZ Ceremony Master class

This is a 1 day Ceremony Master Class for those who have completed the Deathwalker Training, or are existing Celebrants who want to deepen their knowledge and skills for ceremonies for more challenging or complex death.

The language and guidance of the celebrant can really contribute to the healing aspect of the ceremony and the bereavement. A good ceremony can save someone lots of therapy later.

The consultation is crucial in gleaning from sad or shocked family what their needs are, what they want and what you have to offer. The celebrants is often the first person families come into contact with who is part of the journey though understanding, acceptance and living well with the loss.

When a sudden or shocking death occurs, especially to the young, the Ceremony needs to be well crafted, guiding and healing. As a Celebrant it can be more challenging but also more satisfying. This Master Class covers in-depth consultation, recaps ceremony structure & content, and really focuses on skillful crafting, language and wording for more challenging and complex death. It is deep, wise and incredibly useful. Zenith Virago has over 25 years of embodied experience in this field and offers it all up in this class, which absolutely responds to the needs to the attendees.

The Master Class may include ceremonies for:
• Sudden, shocking and unexpected death
• babies – in utero, stillborn, or post birth
• children
• teenagers
• when someone ends their own life, or kills themselves
• when someone has been killed or murdered
• when there is no body
• multiple deaths
• community and other ceremonies.

This Master Class will only run if there are a minimum of 10 participants.
*If the COVID regulations affect this Training, a full refund will be given.
See Training section for more detailed content info

Event Name

2022 Christchurch, NZ Ceremony Master class


Date(s) Mon - 23/05/2022 All Day




Rahotu Sanctuary,
83 Gerkins Rd
Tai Tapu
Christchurch RD2 7672