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The mere concept of Death (let alone death planning) is often confronting and many of us justifiably tend to avoid it.

However, like birth, Death and Dying are entirely natural processes and we at the Natural Death Care Centre believe that acceptance rather than avoidance, opens pathways for us to lead fuller, richer lives while as progress towards the greatest dignity and value in the experience at life’s.

While life and death come naturally, navigating them well requires understanding and skill. Death planning can be complex with considerations ranging from wills, spiritual or religious beliefs, family and friends and the finer details of the actual departure; funeral arrangements, cremation and so on.

At the Natural Death Care Centre, we aim to provide individuals and communities with the right knowledge and skills to navigate pathways to dying well.

We invite you to take part in our death planning blog, to share information, personal experience and to reflect on the process of dying; essentially the most ancient inevitability and destination for all living things.

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