Zenith Virago

As a Deathwalker, Zenith is a respected pioneer & acknowledged expert in the fields of holistic death & dying.  With over 20 years experience, she provides comfort, information and guidance to assist us through the natural and the sacred, the inner and outer journeying as we come to the transition at the end of our life.

With a lightness of being, compassion and integrity she accompanies many people and those that love them, through their final and ultimate experience.  Her enthusiastic and empowering approach allow for a richer exploration, whilst assisting people to reclaim their legal rights and their own rites of passage.

Zenith has lived and swum in the deep ocean in Byron Bay since 1983 and feels it has been a rich and exciting life, Celebrating life and death, seeing her work as a privilege and an important part of her life’s journey, gives her a deep love and gratitude for the wonderful mystery of which we are all a part.

Amongst many other things, Zenith is a grandmother, a para-legal, and the founding member of the non-profit Natural Death Care Centre, and the co author of the Intimacy of Death and Dying.  (Allen & Unwin 2009)

Email:  zenithvirago@gmail.com                 Website: zenithvirago.com